Running Games

Register as a GM
To sign up to run games at MidSouthCon, go to our GM registration page: GM Registration Page You can read about the benefits below.

Running Games at MidSouthCon

Like most Gaming and SF conventions, MidSouthCon is run by people who volunteer their time and energy, and (in the eyes of the gaming department), none are more appreciated than the people who run games at the con. Whether you are an old hand at running games at conventions or a complete beginner, you will find GMing at MidSouthCon a rewarding experience.
Besides the ever important social aspects and good karma, there are some more tangible benefits to running games at MidSouthCon:

  • GM Discount Membership — If you run 4 hours at MidSouthCon membership is half price. If you run 8 hours you only have to pay a $10.  If you run 12 hours you get a basic membership for free, and if you run 16 or more hours you get in for free and get a T-shirt (subject to availability). Banquet tickets and the ConSuite Giveaway may be purchased at their regular price.
  • Food and Drink — GM’s gain accesses to the food and drinks available in the Operations room.
  • GM – Pizza party. You get invited to the GM all you can eat pizza party. (Usually held in February.)
  • MidSouthCon wrap party — you get invited to MidSouthCon’s annual wrap party picnic. (Usually held in April or May).

Combining Volunteer and GM benefits
Under the new system, volunteer and GM hours are combined when calculating benefits, so let us know if you are volunteering as well as running games.